Unicorn Bark Recipe


Do you have a Lolli and Pops candy store near you? Although the company is about five years old, I only just recently noticed a shop in a nearby mall.

It’s the kind of place that just sucks you in as you walk by. Think of the sweet aromas and colorful shelves in an old-fashioned candy shop, but with a hipster, modern vibe (as suggested by the clever name).

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You can’t help but turn and look and run inside if you find yourself near the store-front, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

Unicorn bark has certainly made its appearance before the Lolli and Pops version. If social media has taught me anything, it’s that we are unicorn-and-rainbow-food-obsessed.

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And I, myself, have my own version of unicorn bark. But I especially like their take, with the choice of cooler tones swirled into delicious white chocolate, and just a bit of glimmer.

The beauty of unicorn bark is that you can mix and match any colors or sparkle that you like. Start with a white chocolate base and swirl in melted candy melts.

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Here, I used purple, turquoise, and pink candy melts. Then, choose any sprinkles for the top.

I picked sparkling sugars in purple, blue, and pink; two sizes of white pearl sprinkles; and some white edible shimmer dust. You needn’t choose all of these, or you can choose all and more.

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A note about the choice of candy melts for the swirled-in color: I opted for candy melts because they are so user-friendly, they melt easily, they set well, and they come in every color imaginable. You may, however, substitute white chocolate if you prefer.

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What are candy melts?

Candy melts are made of a mixture of things that are decidedly not chocolate. Sugar, milk solids, vegetable oils, flavorings and colors are combined to make these edible, meltable candies.

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In addition, chocolate candy melts have cocoa powder added. Candy melts are also referred to summer coating or confectionary coating, or when in a solid block, as almond bark.

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They act like chocolate in mouth texture and melting capabilities, but do not require tempering like pure chocolate or white chocolate does.

To color white chocolate, you must use oil-based candy colors, not regular food coloring. I would also suggest melting the chocolate in bowls rather than directly in the decorating bags (as I do here) because white chocolate melts much hotter than candy melts and can melt the bags.

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Not to mention, ouch for the hands!

This colorful, sparkly unicorn bark is so delicious. You have the perfect combination of smooth, creamy chocolate with a bit of sprinkle crunch. It’s gosh darn magical.

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Unicorn Bark Recipe

Meaghan Mountford
It only takes minutes to make this homemade version of the Lolli and Pops Unicorn Bark, and it’s just as sparkly and magical. It makes a super fun treat for parties too!
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 4 minutes
Total Time 24 minutes
Servings 16 1 piece of bark
Calories 201.88 kcal


  • 2 White Chocolate Chips 12 ounces
  • 0.5 Pink Candy Melts
  • 0.5 Blue or Turquoise Candy Melts
  • 0.5 Purple Candy Melts
  • Disposable Decorating Bags
  • Assorted Sprinkles and Shimmer Dust


  • Line a baking tray with wax paper or parchment paper and set aside. Pour each color of candy melts into a decorating bag.
  • Melt the white chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl at 50 percent power for 90 seconds.
  • Stir and continue to microwave until the chips are just starting to melt.
  • Stir well to use the residual heat to completely melt the chocolate chips.
  • While you’re stirring the white chocolate, microwave the three bags of candy melts as you did the white chocolate chips. Snip the tips.
  • Scrape the white chocolate on the baking tray and spread evenly. You will not fill up the entire baking tray.
  • Pipe each color of candy melts all over the white chocolate and use the back of a spoon or a straw or lollipop stick to swirl the chocolate.
  • Immediately top with assorted sprinkles and shimmer dust. 


Calories: 201.88kcalCarbohydrates: 12.5gFat: 11.38gSaturated Fat: 6gSodium: 12.66mgSugar: 25.59g
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