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We’re Bananas Over This Banana Split Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Summer is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’re looking to find something that is cool, delicious, and refreshing to beat the heat.

While I usually turn to fresh summer salads, smoothie bowls are another nutritious and highly customizable option that everyone will love.

Vegan Banana Split Smoothie Bowl Photo

Why We Love Smoothie Bowls

Sometimes I get into a terrible funk and I’m not sure what I want to eat and it all just feels overwhelming. I know I’m not alone in that!

This rut definitely seems to be the worst when it starts to get warm and I don’t want to stand in front of the hot stove.

Something about summer really slows me down, but I know it’s more important than ever to make healthful choices when I am feeling like eating less.

One of the best things I’ve ever tried was this incredible banana split smoothie bowl, and boy do these smoothie bowls hit the spot!

Whether you’re looking for a delicious way to fill up and cool down, or you’re looking to enjoy a light meal, a smoothie or smoothie bowl will do the trick.

You can also pretend you’re enjoying your favorite summer dessert since these cool, creamy smoothie bowls have an uncanny way of tasting just like soft serve.

Often loaded with nutrient rich fruits and nuts, smoothie bowls can also be a great way to pack a few extra vitamins into your day.

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Smoothie Bowl Ingredients

The best thing about smoothie bowls is how easy they are to experiment with and customize to suit the palate of every member of the family.

You can try a variety of flavors and combinations and perfect your favorite bowl, or try something new every time.

It’s also so easy to let kids try out different toppings and garnishes as well, giving them the freedom they crave when it comes to mealtime without the constant battle.

Frozen and fresh fruits and veggies, yogurt, honey, milk, grains, nuts and nut butters, seeds – the possibilities are truly endless.

I love to add protein powder to boost the flavor and make it more filling, too.

High in fiber, protein, and nutrients, smoothie bowls are a great way to meet all your dietary needs, and can be easily modified to be vegan, too!

Some of our favorite smoothie bowl ingredients include:

  • Frozen bananas
  • Frozen berries such as blueberries, strawberries and raspberries
  • Frozen cherries
  • Watermelon
  • Yogurt for extra creaminess and protein
  • Chocolate or vanilla protein powder
  • Cashews, peanuts, walnuts and pecans for topping
  • Dark chocolate shavings or chocolate chips
  • Sliced fresh fruit such as berries, bananas and kiwi
  • Veggies such as spinach, carrots or kale for extra fiber and antioxidants
  • Dairy or plant-based milks such as almond, coconut, soy or oat milk
  • Chia seeds, granola, or toasted oats for garnishing
  • Peanut butter or nut butters such as almond butter or cashew butter
Vegan Banana Split Smoothie Bowl Image

Why We’re Bananas for These Banana Split Smoothie Bowls

I love to do an occasional ice cream for dinner for the kids in the summertime, mostly because it’s one of those rare moments where I can be that cool, fun mom and also get away with not cooking. (Sorry, not sorry, we all need a break!)

With this banana split smoothie bowl recipe, you get a little bit of the best of both worlds – a nutritious and light dinner that, miraculously, tastes exactly like you’re giving your kids (and yourself) a banana split.

Another awesome perk is that my older kids can easily make smoothie bowls for themselves any time they want!

As a busy family, we love that smoothie bowls also make a great, satisfying breakfest, too! They are delicious and filling but also switch it up from our usual cereal or eggs routine.

And the fact that they can whip up smoothie bowls while maybe I sleep in on a Saturday morning? That only makes it all the better.

Vegan Banana Split Smoothie Bowl Picture

How to Make Smoothie Bowls

Making smoothie bowls truly is simple and they come together in just a few minutes! 

  1. Chop up two frozen, peeled bananas and add these along with unsweetened vanilla almond milk to a blender.
  2. Blend until thick, smooth, and creamy. (Also? Nobody will judge if you want to try using chocolate almond mik. Just sayin’.)
  3. Divide the smoothie into two bowls and top with your choice of toppings. For this recipe, I suggest sliced strawberries, crushed or chopped roasted peanuts, chocolate chunks or chips, and optional sprinkles.
  4. Serve and enjoy!

Get our banana split smoothie bowl recipe!

How easy is that?! You can also add yogurt, greens, frozen strawberries, peanut butter, really anything – that’s why smoothie bowls are so cool.

I suggest a smoothie bowl buffet for dinner on one of those hot, muggy summer nights. Your family will be totally into it, too.

Whip up a base and then set out the toppings, and let the family go crazy! But not too crazy, after all, it is your night off from cooking.

Vegan Banana Split Smoothie Bowl Photo

We’re Bananas Over This Banana Split Smoothie Bowl Recipe

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This banana split smoothie bowl takes the smoothie bowl craze to an extra delicious level.
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