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Taco Bell Heard Us and Is Bringing Back the ‘90s Volcano Menu

I do not shy away from my love for Taco Bell. In fact, the only one that might like it more is my oldest daughter – the mere suggestion of a Crunchwrap Supreme will have her jumping for joy.

If you remember the ’90s, then you may remember the now legendary Volcano menu at Taco Bell. It was the chain restaurant’s spiciest offerings to date, but unfortunately, it was discontinued in 2012.

This week Taco Bell announced that they’re bringing the Volcano menu back after a decade of super fans begging for its return.

Taco Bell Beyond Carne Asada Soft Taco Photo

What Is Taco Bell’s Volcano Menu?

Originally introduced as a promotion for the movie Congo, Taco Bell featured a spicy line of burritos, tacos, and nachos filled with beef, rice, spicy cheese sauce, and creamy lava sauce.

"The menu, famous for its fiery flavors, has developed a cult-like following who have relentlessly championed its return," Taco Bell said in a statement.

"From petitions to recreating their own DIY alternatives from home, Taco Bell fans took to social advocating for the return. Taco Bell heard and is making this summer hotter than ever."

Much like Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza, Taco Bell is answering the plea for a return of everyone’s favorite hot and spicy offerings.

The Volcano menu isn’t the only thing that the Bell is working on. Late last year they announced their partnership with Beyond Meat to create meatless Carne Asada Steak.

A crispy empanada is also being tested in the Knoxville area. Known as a Crispanada, it will consist of shredded chicken and cheese in a fried pastry shell.

Taco Bell Beyond Carne Asada Photo

When Will the Taco Bell Volcano Menu Be Back?

Taco Bell isn’t the only company resurrecting old menu items. Last fall we saw a return of the McDonald’s Halloween buckets given out with Happy Meals.

During that same time, OREO heard the cries for a return of their OREO Pumpkin Spice flavored cookie, and they happily answered the call. 

The Volcano menu is set to return on June 29th, nationwide. If you are a Taco Bell rewards member, you’ll be able to access the spiciness two days earlier on the 27th.