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The Burger Pizza: Should It Come to America?

Americans love hamburgers.

Americans love pizza.

And yet… Americans are being deprived of the chance to enjoy the combination of a hamburger and a pizza in a single dish.

pizza burger

Oh, yes, Food Fanatics, the Burger Pizza is something that has actually been created by the good (and/or terrible) folks at Domino’s Pizza.

According to Time, the junk food mash-up is the same size as a traditional burger.

However (and this is a key distinction!), it uses pizza crust as the buns, along with sandwich cheese, sauce and toppings in the middle; as opposed to a beef patty.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the item is only available at select Domino’s locations in India at the moment.

Should it be made available in the U.S.? It’s hard to say because reaction has been mixed.

Here are some sample Twitter replies to the roll-out:

pizza response
tastes bad

What do you think of this monstrosity of a meal?