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The One Where We Finally Get a ‘Friends’ Central Perk Coffee Blend

Calling OG fans of Friends – did you know you can now sip Central Perk coffee products while awaiting the opening of Central Perk Coffeehouse!

Yes! Central Perk coffee and an upcoming Central Perk Coffeehouse in the works! Could I be anymore excited for this news?!

If you spent your Thursdays in the 90s watching the iconic show then we can, well, be friends. I’m not saying it’s the greatest show ever, but it obviously is.

I’ve always related the most with Joey. My favorite food is sandwiches, I don’t like to share food, and I have deep feelings for Jennifer Aniston.

The Central Perk Coffee Company Photo

Is Central Perk a Real Coffee Shop?

In addition to the announcement of a new coffee line, it was announced that there will be a Central Perk Coffeehouse coming in 2023!

So yes, Central Perk is about to be a real coffee shop, serving real coffee to real friends. *mind blown*

However, fans of the show won’t have to wait that long to try the coffee. In fact, you can buy Central Perk coffee online now!

The Central Perk Coffee Company Picture

What Is the Central Perk Coffee Company?

Renowned NYC chef, Tom Colicchio, is the genius behind The Central Perk Coffee Company. And when I say genius, I mean truly genius.

His latest venture combines his passion for everything food and drink with his love of the show Friends, much to the glee of fans everywhere.

Central Perk coffees are now officially available in both whole bean and ground varities as well as in recyclable K-Cup single serve pods.

The three featured blends are the “How You Doin’?” medium roast, “Pivot Blend” medium-dark roast, and “We Were on a Coffee Break” dark roast.

Fans can choose from single bags or a multi-blend sample pack. A customizable coffee subscription is also available for super fans!

Customers opting for the coffee subscription can choose to have their coffee sent every 15, 30, 60, or 90 days.

The first 6,000 people to sign up for a subscription will get a complimentary collectible can of “How You Doin’?” design for the biggest fans of the show.

Each can will be numbered and available while supplies last.

The Central Perk Coffee Company Image

Chef Colicchio shared, "Our goal with this partnership and the Central Perk brand, like all of my food and beverage enterprises, is to secure the best ingredients and then deliver superior products and services for a great customer experience."

Which package will you choose from? I’m going all-in with a subscription and multi-pack, because I am not missing out on this one.

While we all wait for our initial coffee delivery, don’t forget to clean your coffeemaker. And not just clean, we’re talking Monica clean!

To get that Monica clean sparkle, we always suggest cleaning kitchen appliances with vinegar, including your Keurig or Chemex.

See you all at the Central Perk Coffeehouse next year!