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This Black Ghostbusters Burger is Something That Actually Exists

When it comes to unusual food items, who ya gonna call?

Japanese burger joint J.S. Burgers Cafe, apparently.

ghostbusters burger

In disturbing news broken by Fashion Snap, the establishment features a number of new menu items that have been created with the upcoming, all-female version of Ghostbusters in mind.

For example, there’s a hamburger with a black patty gets its hue from a "black-olive-and-anchovy-paste.”

It is stuffed with beef, tomato, purple cabbage and other stuff.

There’s also a smoothie that is probably very healthy for you, yet has been made to resemble the iconic Slimer ghost from the original movie.

This green drink is topped off with kiwi and tiny burger-shaped candies.

green drink

Finally, fans of this franchise can finish off their Ghostbusters-themed meal with J.S. Burgers Cafe’s dessert burger.

As you can see below, the white bun appears to be stuffed with Oreos and marshmallows and it has "blood" seeping out.

weird food

We’re not really sure what to say about these options.

Except this perhaps: we’re not afraid of any ghosts.

But we’re petrified of these burgers!