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Vitamix 5200 Blender Review

The Vitamix 5200 is my all time favorite kitchen tool. It is a high powered blender with 2 horse power motor and the jar holds 64 ounces of fluid. The rubber lid that comes with this gem of a blender fits perfectly over the mouth of the jar, ensuring everything stays inside while pulverizing at high speed. There is a plastic insert in the lid which allows you to easily add more ingredients to the blender while blending, which is a definite time saver. All Vitamix blenders come with a “tamper,” which is a long plastic rod that you can use to squash down ingredients and stir them around to help blend.

The Vitamix 5200 revolutionized the way I cook. I now make a variety of sauces, such as this kale pesto recipe, alfredo, aioli, as well as soups, smoothies and even ice cream!  Prior to using this model, I only used blenders for making smoothies and more often than not, my smoothies ended up with un-blended fruit chunks, which is less than stellar in my opinion. Not only does the Vitamix completely blend everything you put in it, but it creates a texture or consistency I was never able to get with using other blenders. 

Using the tamper I mentioned earlier, you can make ice cream in the blender. My boyfriend once got a little too excited while making ice cream and a part on the motor broke. He called up customer service and they immediately sent him the part he needed to fix the blender, completely free of charge.  The quality of this product plus very helpful customer service definitely warrants the purchase price.

My favorite use for my Vitamix (which has a permanent home on my counter) is to make ice cream and soup.  This way, I can make all around healthier food than I could buy from the store. When I pour soup into the blender to puree it, it comes out piping hot because the blade puts off some heat. I never have to put the soup back on the stove to heat it after I’ve blended it.

The Vitamix makes cooking healthful foods a piece of cake. For anyone wanting to add whole foods to their diet or to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I would strongly suggest adding a Vitamix to your kitchen appliances!


  • Makes cooking a variety of foods virtually effortless
  • Holds a ton of liquid (64 ounces)
  • Blends to perfection
  • Very fast customer service
  • Warranty


  • In order to scrape every last bit of food out of deep jar, you need to purchase a special plastic spatula from Vitamix because regular rubber spatulas just can’t get everything out of the bottom of the blender, especially around the blade.
  • Expensive (but worth it!!)