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Why You Need This Extra Large Slow Cooker in Your Kitchen

As a busy single mom, you will often find me using my slow cooker – I love coming home to a house that smells delicious with dinner already done.

When I was looking to upgrade my slow cooker a few years ago, I came across this one on Amazon – had several high ratings and was, frankly, huge.

I quickly hit "add to cart" and there was no looking back. This workhorse has since become a major player in my kitchen game, which is why you need one.

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Why I Love This Extra Large Slow Cooker

The extra large 10 quart Hamilton Beach slow cooker is, hands down, one of the greatest purchases I have ever made for my kitchen. No contest.

This slow cooker might be high capacity and hold a large volume of food, but it can also make smaller quantities, so I purchased it without thinking twice.

Since purchasing this larger than average slow cooker, I’ve made a multitude of meals without much effort and it has paid for itself time and again.

I used it on Christmas to cook our family’s ham, which saved me precious space in the oven for pies, sides, and rolls.

I’ve cooked large, whole chickens and roasts with plenty of space, as well. I love that the lid locks on this, making it perfect for travel and for storage.

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The interior pot is easy to clean and can be easily soaked – despite the massive size it still fits comfortably in my average-sized split kitchen sink.

The one teensy eensy little flaw that this machine has, in my opinion, is that there is no “on” indicator light on this extra large slow cooker model.

That is the only thing I would change about this machine – somehow that one little light makes me feel secure, like it’s working.

I have literally no other complaints, though, so it’s by no means a dealbreaker.

Hamilton Beach Extra Slow Cooker Features

The beauty of this slow cooker, in my opinion, is the simplicity and the incredible value it offers for the price. Some things don’t need to be complicated.

This golden unicorn of a slow cooker features:

  • Extra large capacity – The beefy,10 quart capacity is estimated to fit a 10 pound turkey or up to 12 pounds roast, making it an ideal size for making our slow cooker turkey recipe as well as larger bone-in roasts
  • Three temperature settings –  I like the simple, classic operation of this slow cooker. You an cook on low or high (to shorten your cook time) and then switch your slow cooker to warm to keep your meal warm before serving.
  • Clip-tight sealed lid – The lockdown lid boasts an efficient, tight seal to help prevent messy spills when you’re on the way to a potluck or tailgate.
  • Full-grip handles – The streamlined yet thoughtful design of this extra large slow cooker features wide, easy to grip handle for easy carrying.
  • Simple to clean – The stoneware crock and the glass lid of this slow cooker are both dishwasher safe making clean up a breeze after cooking.
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Why This Slow Cooker Is Great

In fairness, a lot of these points are true for any slow cooker you might own or decide to purchase, but I find them to be especially true with this one.

Easy To Use

Slow cooker recipes are easy to follow, with simple directions that even beginner cooks or children can follow.

I can confidently ask my older kids to throw things in the slow cooker for me when they’re home and I’m still at work, and they can do so effortlessly.

Slow cookers are safer than pressure cookers and require less knowledge and experimentation, plus the controls could not be easier to navigate.

Easy To Clean Up

When it comes to this slow cooker, the interior crock is dishwasher safe but also easy to clean in a sink, plus you can soak it without damaging the surface.

The exterior rarely gets messy and is easy to wipe down. One-dish cooking will save on prep dishes, pots and pans – and cut down on dishes to wash!


Slow cookers are one of the less expensive all-purpose kitchen items, making it an affordable, useful present for weddings or housewarming celebrations.

Saves Oven Space

If you’re making a large amount of food and need to bake sides, desserts, or another main dish, using this extra large slow cooker will save on oven space.

I have started using this particular slow cooker frequently to simplify meal prep for special occasions and celebrations. It makes holidays so much easier.

Easy Three Bean Chocolate Chili Picture

Great for Potlucks

Preparing a warm dish like chili or stew for a potluck is easy with this slow cooker. The locking lid means it travels well without risk of spills or catastrophies.

It also means it’s super easy to deliver a big slow cooker full of delicious homemade soup to a friend who is feeling unwell and needs a helping hand.


With this slow cooker you can easily cook anything, from meats to stews to casseroles to desserts like our slow cooker cinnamon roll berry cobbler.

My family loves slow cooker chili topped with cheese, fresh jalapños, and sour cream. We also love slow cooker pulled pork and ranch pulled chicken.

Simplify everyone’s favorite St. Patrick’s Day staple with our slow cooker corned beef and cabbage recipe – it’s even easier than making it on the stove!

You can even make delicious homemade slow cooker chocolate lava cake or blueberry cobbler smothered in a big heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I also take our extra apples from apple picking and stuff the slow cooker with sliced apples, water and cinnamon to make a super easy apple sauce!

Once it’s mushy, blend or stir your softened apples and add sugar if desired. This apple sauce is an excellent dessert or our slow cooker pork loin.

Year Round Functionality

Slow cookers are super handy – regardless of season. Our favorite summer slow cooker recipes save you from using the oven on muggy summer days.

In the winter, slow cooker recipes can be whipped up in all weather conditions with ease – unlike outdoor grills or smokers, which can be more finicky.

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Slow cookers might cut corners in cooking, but they yield very delicious results with balanced flavors and smooth textures that your whole family will love.

If you haven’t purchased a slow cooker, buy this one! A larger slow cooker accommodates more food, making it useful for larger families and parties.