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Would You Eat a Black Hot Dog?

IKEA may be internationally known as a furniture giant.

But the Swedish company has now branched out into a very different direction.

A very different and gross direction? You may be the judge of that.

ninja dog

According to the official IKEA site in Japan, the chain is now offering a “ninja” hot dog to patrons, one named as such because it has been dyed black.

Yes, you can now consume a black hot dog.

The color stems from the frankfurter and bun due to the addition of edible bamboo charcoal, “which is said to have detox properties," IKEA explains.

The controversial food item has been released as part of IKEA’s celebration of a decade of business in Japan.

We never thought to celebrate anything with a black hot dog, but hey. Who are we to judge?!

The meal only costs $2.95, so even if it breaks your stomach lining into a million pieces, it will not break your bank account.

Take a look at the photo above, ponder whether you would eat the Ninja Dog and then consider another option below:

ninja dog