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You Can Actually Pop the Pimples on These Cupcakes

Look, there are plenty of types of food out there.

We’re really not here to judge.

But… well… Blessed By Baking, an establishment based in California, has created custom pimple cupcakes have been made to look exactly like a zit.

And perhaps we are here to pass some judgment on these desserts.

pimple cups

Because come on.

The design is impressive, we can certainly say that much.

There’s beige fondant for the skin and some kind of yellow custard for the pus.

The bakery’s Instagram is filled with custom creations from animals to mermaids, so this is the sort of thing in which it specializes.

But that doesn’t make this example any less disgusting.

Why? Because you can actually squeeze the "pimple" and watch the custard spill out, like puss.


The cupcakes were reportedly made for Sandra Lee, better known for her Instagram name, Dr. Pimple Popper.

Her account features pimple popping and other rather sort of gross extractions from her work as a dermatologist.

The account does have 1.6 million followers, so evidently plenty of people really do enjoy being totally grossed out by actual pimples popping.

We’re guessing these are the people who will purchase these cupcakes.

Would you ever do so?